Di (Amy) Liu

M.Sc. student

Hi! My name's Amy and I'm a big fan of genetics, conservation, and fishy science.

Currently I'm working on using genetics to unravel the ongoing ecological and evolutionary mysteries of the "Arctic char complex". Specifically diagnostic molecular markers to differentiate among the species of char here in North America, and analyzing the contact zone between two subspecies of Dolly Varden in Chignik Lake watershed in Alaska. My work is with Dr. Rick Taylor, and our amazing lab colleagues. 

I'm an avid lover of science communication, an aspiring artist (Acrylic, oil, pen and ink, and digital), and a self proclaimed pufferfish enthusiast.

This year I am part of the Botany and Zoology Wellness Initiative, the Zoology Graduate Student Association, co-coordinator of the Let's Talk Science LEEF program, and a graduate fellow of the Ocean Leaders program.