CIEE accelerates scientific progress through programs that synthesize current knowledge and develop our future leaders.

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The Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution / Institut canadien d’écologie et d’évolution (CIEE / ICEE) is a consortium of Canadian universities with the mission of expanding and accelerating scientific discovery on the natural environment and its contributions to our national well being.

During the last few years, CIEE has made substantial advances to become a leading promoter and facilitator of synthesis research in Canada.  Since its creation in 2008, CIEE supported nine thematic working groups, five in the last two years, which together assembled 114 top scientists to address some of the most vexing problems at the nexus of ecology and evolution.  Our training programs are equally essential components in the CIEE growth, and included fifteen workshops and short courses in the last four years which involved more than 450 graduate students and academics.



We are pleased to announce that two new Thematic Working Group proposals have been selected for funding by CIEE, including “Adaptation versus maladaptation in response to environmental change” and “Understanding recent biodiversity change across spatial and temporal scales”. Please see our corresponding link for a summary on each proposal:

These two new awarded working groups are bringing together 31 researchers from 12 Canadian Universities, including British Columbia, McGill, Guelph, Sherbrooke, Carleton, Memorial, Concordia, Quebec, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Dalhousie. Congratulations to all the participants! 

We had a remarkable response to this Call for Proposals and received thirteen competitive applications from across the entire country. The selection process was careful and comprehensive with each application receiving 5-6 independent reviews. We take this opportunity to extend especial thanks the members of CIEE’s Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), including: Bradley Anholt, University of Victoria, Marine population Ecology;  Sue Bertram, Carleton University, Sociobiology, population ecology;  Mark Cadotte, University of Toronto-Mississauga, community and spatial ecology;  Denis Réale, Université du Québec à Montréal, behaviour and animal ecology;  Dennis Murray, Trent University, population, behavioural and conservation ecology, and;  Mark Lewis, University of Alberta, spatial and math ecology.

In general, scientific excellence and likelihood of success are the main criteria for evaluation, although consideration will be also made for the degree to which proposals helped CIEE demonstrate broader benefits to Canada, fiscal responsibility, and benefits to sustaining member organizations. For details on the selection process, please click on


The CIEE will grow as it adds partners from coast to coast. CIEE achieves its mission principally through funding from, and co-operation among, a consortium of Canadian institutions. Each member university pays annual membership fees assessed on a sliding scale according to their NSERC Discovery Grant program funding in ecology and evolution.  No overhead is charged, so all of the funding obtained from member organizations is used for direct support of CIEE scientific programs, whereas in-kind contributions help maintain staff and synthesis facilities.  As a result, the more members we have, the more activities we can support.
To increase our membership, we are seeking CIEE members’ at all Canadian universities to act as representatives and liaisons to their local administration. Through its membership, your institution will: 1) facilitate access to CIEE’s scientific programs for your faculty and highly qualified personnel, 2) gain a seat on the management board that sets the mandate and direction of the CIEE, and 3) play a pivotal role in shaping the future of ecology and evolution in Canada.  We are always looking for new representatives, so please, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.



One of the major initiatives of the CIEE during the last year has been the establishment of a College of Representatives to better develop membership and represent our Institute across the country. We currently have representatives in tthirty one Canadian institutions. These individuals or small groups are responsible to promote the goals and activities of CIEE to local faculty and administrators.
If you recognize the importance of having a national centre for synthesis in ecology and evolution, and are interested in acting as the formal CIEE representative to your Institute, please let us know and we would be delighted to provide you with more information.